MACHS Fingerprint Portal Frequently Asked Questions

A:  The MACHS Fingerprint Portal allows individuals within Missouri to register to be fingerprinted with IDEMIA, the state vendor for Electronic Fingerprinting Services. Fingerprints taken by IDEMIA will be electronically submitted to the Missouri State Highway Patrol for background check purposes.

A:  As the state vendor, IDEMIA can electronically submit your fingerprints to the Missouri State Highway Patrol thus greatly expediting the background check process. In addition, IDEMIA operates numerous fingerprint services sites across the State of Missouri that provide this service. Click Here to search for a fingerprint location near you. Certain employers or licensing agencies may require their applicants to utilize IDEMIA's fingerprint services. If you are uncertain please contact your employer or licensing agency.

A:  Fingerprint background checks conducted through MACHS are usually completed and returned to the requesting entity within seven to ten business days from the date that the applicant is fingerprinted.

A:  The fee schedule for a fingerprint based background check through MACHS is below. Please note that only qualified entities are entitled to request a search through FBI files.

Fee Schedule
Background Check Processing Fee
State of Missouri Search $20.00
FBI Search $13.25
Fingerprint Vendor Fee $8.50
Notarized Clearance Letters (upon request) $2.00

A:  Entities eligible to receive FBI background check information are provided a registration number to provide to their applicants. The use of this number ensures that the correct type of background check is conducted while at the same time ensuring that the completed response is returned to the correct agency in a timely manner.

A:  Applicants that are unsure if they need a registration number should contact their employer or licensing agency to verify. Failure to use a registration number may result in an incorrect type of background search being conducted. Additional fees may be accessed if a correction is later needed.

A:  All applicants being fingerprinted by IDEMIA must have a registration completed in MACHS. For a faster fingerprint session, applicants are encouraged to register with MACHS before walking in. If an applicant walks in without registering with MACHS they may register at the time of fingerprinting although it may result in a longer fingerprint session.

A:  If you have questions about the fingerprint process or need assistance registering, please contact IDEMIA at (844) 543-9712.

A:  Yes - Notarized Clearance Letters may be requested during MACHS registration. There is an additional $2.00 fee for this service. For International Adoptions and Visas some countries require notarized clearance letters to be returned in specific formats. MACHS will provide you with the option to select a specific letter format for the country that is requiring the letter.

A:  Yes, searches will include information pertaining to any sex offenders currently registered within the state of Missouri, even if the sex offense occurred out-of-state.

A:  At your fingerprint appointment, you will be required to present one form of valid government issued photo ID. The fingerprint technician will verify your ID and proceed to capture your photo and fingerprints electronically via a live scan device. At the conclusion of your appointment you are presented with a receipt. You should keep the receipt for your records. Your completed background check with be provided to the requestor within ten business days from the date you were fingerprinted.

A:  The type of information returned on a fingerprint-based background check will depend on the purpose. Certain qualified entities will be entitled to Missouri open and closed record information as well as FBI data, while other agencies will only be entitled to Missouri open record information. Requests returned directly to the individual will only return Missouri open and closed record information.

A:  Out-of-state applicants may mail fingerprint cards to IDEMIA for processing. Click Here for instructions.