Fingerprint Status

Applicants who have been fingerprinted may use this screen to check the status of their record request.
Only status information will be provided, no criminal history information will be made available.

* indicates a required option

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Status Results

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 Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 
 Completed:  01/01/2014 05:05:51 

Status Key

Registration: The MSHP has not received a status update from IDEMIA. Status results should become available 24 hours after the appointment is made.

Received - In Process: The MSHP has received your fingerprint submission as of the date and time listed.

Fingerprints Submitted: IDEMIA has submitted your fingerprints to the MSHP for processing as of the date and time shown.

Complete: The MSHP has completed your fingerprint submission and results have been forwarded to the appropriate entities.